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Strategy Execution


Strategy and execution are two sides of the same coin, it is only valuable if both sides stick together.


The right strategy alone does not lead to success. Whether for a project or the whole company – a successful strategy is key for a successful start. Everything else follows the strategy or derives from it. But even the best strategy will be unsuccessful if not consistently implemented and is the life and breath of all employees. Only together, strategy AND implementation can set the true course for success.

We will help to find the right strategy, its formulation and its consistent implementation. It is important to have clear and consistent communications, to remove cultural hurdles and to check all elements of the business to assure compatibility with the strategy.

Geographical Expansion


Is the local market saturated or are business partners demanding your strategic expansion of their core competencies into other markets?  Geographic expansion is an excellent way to successfully master new growth opportunities.  It can attract new business, relationship and spread risk.


With 30 years of experience in European markets, we identify the ideal opportunities for your company to develop a multinational footprint.

Growth Enablement


Growth requires corresponding organisational structures, the right product strategy and the associated supply chain. There is no out of the box solution that is right for every situation. Growth takes place in stages, and every time a new level is reached, all three components must be reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted to reach the next level.


We analyse the set-up, with which you want to achieve your next growth goal and support you in the implementation (in case of change).



There is a market for almost every product or service, but to address this depends on many factors. The right supply chain, distribution channels, customer approach, pricing policy and other elements play a vital role in making the launch a success or failure. Doing everything on your own is usually often wrongheaded. The recipe for success lies in the selection of suitable partners. Partner support enables focus on core competencies. A successful cooperation also brings you an enormous knowledge gain.


Our large network of supply chain companies, marketing and PR agencies, distributors, VAR´s and system integrators provide access to an ideal partner network for you.

Executive Consulting


Marcel Proust said “Seeing with new eyes“ was the real voyage of discovery. Most wrong decisions made by top executives are due to operational blindness or persisting with stagnant structures.


We carry out 360° „health“ check of business units, teams or corporate structures, thereby highlighting potential for improvement and supporting the change process

Interim Management


Expect the unexpected! A surprise retirement with no adequate replacement in sight, in a „mission critical“ position?  It is not advisable to wait several months until a successor is found and is able to take over. An interim manager can step in to the business very quickly to mitigate any downside in productivity.


The more senior the vacant position, the more important it is to find the best solution, without time pressure, whilst keeping the business operational. An interim manager can also be a significant help in finding the right long term replacement

Change Management


Yesterday’s successful start-up can quickly turn to chaos because everyone still does everything and thus inhibits future growth.

Successful large corporations operate through process orientation, complex structures and controlled processes. Often this is accompanied by inertia, fear of mistakes, exaggerated hierarchies and results in the killing of innovation and a healthy culture of error and growth.


Both types of company have one thing in common: they are facing a necessary change in order to evolve to the next stage of development. Both businesses and people have to constantly change to survive. The top performers have discovered that change and adaptability is a virtue and have integrated it into their corporate culture. Paradoxically many people have enormous difficulties with adapting to change, but this can be mitigated by empowerment. Change that people drive themselves, or in which they at least have a say, are perceived positively as an improvement to the status quo. Conversely, if the people do not feel part of the journey, change will be viewed as a threat. Many change management approaches are text-box and theoretical. Our approach is more pragmatic and views the people as the active designers.

Projects are most successful when the people are allowed to shape it.

Digital Transformation


Customers want to communicate 24/7, transact and be guided by easy-to-use systems. Strictly speaking this includes not only the classic customer but also the colleague, superiors, employees, families and club members.


Those who do not focus their organisation on availability, simplicity and security will not experience the digital age. Initiate your project for sustainability with our 360° Check.

Cash flow Management


Implement ambitious growth plans – increase the value of your company, noting is as effective as an optimal cash flow.


Tied capital, fixed costs, unfavourable debt-to-pay ratios are the challenges that have to be mastered. We help our customers to identify weak points and support efficient cash flow management during implementation



The optimal activation of potential usually succeeds only through a trusting counterpart, a sparring partner: neutral and unprejudiced. It helps to formulate and achieve ambitions, to reconcile personal aims with company goals and to define optimal career planning. Career planning is not purely related to the world of work.


Rather it is a conscious and harmonious coexistence of work with leisure that is the key to a successful career.

Junior Coaching


Study, Education, High School Diploma, Master, Bachelor, Diploma, Domestic / Foreign –
What is right for me??


The above forms of education multiplied by the numerous disciplines and the educational institutions available provide young people and young adults with an infinite choice. It is ideal to first think about your goal and the time you want to invest. It is also recommended to keep it varied, to developed a well rounded knowledge, both combining theory with practice and not specializing too early. It is rewarding to get an introduction to completely separate subjects to complement advancement in the core discipline.

In short and inexpensive sessions, we help you to find the best education, training centre and internship. This even includes such mundane, but important, steps such as the application, the CV, the job interview, the performance review, etc., we support with both words and deeds. Being well prepared gets the best results.

We have many years of both experience and proactive with educational institutions and a wide network of businesses.


Find the right person for your business.


The selection of people lays the foundation for later success or failure. Professional qualification, work experience, soft skills, cultural enrichment and, of course, knowledge of customers and partners are of the utmost importance in selecting the right candidate. We have a large network of candidates at every step of their career ladder. We approach our searches with the highest level of discretion and ehtics

Ernesto Schmutter is one of the leading
strategic thinkers and designers
in the European IT business.


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I work with Ernesto since many years in a very successful way. His experience and his business acumen are one of the most valuable components in our joint projects. Due to his professional background he exactly knows which concepts and programs will work in real life and will lead to a successful result.



Klaus Weinmann, CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman PRIMEPULSE




Ernesto Schmutter is one of the most accomplished managers of the ITC market and an experienced authority in his field. His expertise and integrity make him a valued mentor and business partner at C-level level. It is a pleasure to work with him, because his actions and thinking knows only one direction: the partnership method of growth and success in business.


Werner Nieberle, CEO Vogel IT-Medien and Editor IT-BUSINESS



I know Ernesto since 20 years and partnered in numerous projects very successfully.

When working with Ernesto I was very impressed about his great pragmatism as well as about his huge focus on results.




Gregor Bieler, General Manager Germany Microsoft GmbH


I work with Ernesto since many years in a very trustful partnership. In our joint Training- and Strategy projects we were always able to enhance Sales-teams and motivate them to get to the next level. We also developed new strategies to help our customers to achieve their targets.

As a Leader Ernestos high ambitions helped him to resolve every task with creativity and his ability to think outside of the box. His solutions are always individually taylored to the customers needs. It is his great and diversified experience as well as the high energy to drive change, his empathy, intuition and the professionalism, which make his work and support so valuable to me. 


Stefan Zimmermann, Geschäftsleiter Organisation & Personal  Oped GmbH


Ernesto is a very seasoned general manager and a great „business leader“. We worked together for >5 years, whilst I was leading Moto

rola Enterprise business in EMEA and Ernesto was at Ingram leading the EMEA ADC (DC-POS) division. In 5 years the Ingram business with Motorola grew exponentially from virtually nothing to >$0.5bn. Ingram became (and it still is) the 2nd largest distributor of Motorola Enterprise, which is now part of Zebra, and pressing for number 1. And this is still thanks to the work started by Ernesto and his team. I could not ask for a better partner to work with. The knowledge he developed of our business and the market was second to none. And his sharp business acumen helped find many opportunities to develop and optimise our business together.


Marco Landi, President Polycom – EMEA & APAC



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