Stefan Kühn

April 1, 2019 Stefan Kühn

Benefit from more than 25 years of experience in sales and marketing of FMCG / CE products in Germany, Western and Eastern Europe. Stefan Kühn has not only a lot of knowledge, but also an immense practical experience – hands-on in both planning and  execution.

Do you know these challenges? We are a start-up and have successfully funded and launched a product through Kickstarter. Now we want to take the next step and sell through the big retailers and online. How do we get in there? What do we have to keep in mind? So far, we have sold our product mainly through the stationary trade. In the future, we also want to go via online sales channels. How do we handle this best? How do we harmonize online and offline sales and create a multichannel strategy? Our sales people have different sales commission structures. We now want to unify this and introduce more qualitative goals and team quotas. How can we restructure this process efficiently and in a socially acceptable way? What should such a commission plan look like?

If so, then you should talk to Stefan Kühn Use Stefans knowledge for a successful execution of your projects:

 – More than 25 years’ experience in sales & marketing of FMCG / CE products in Central, Western and Eastern Europe- Development of sales and marketing organizations locally and across Europe.  Change Management.- Go-To-Market & Route-To-Market. Development of distribution channels offline & online. Experience with multichannel strategies.- Process analysis and optimization- Building from zero to revenue and earnings responsibility for a three-digit million business- StartUp, SMB and international technology groups